Workers adding asphalt to a roadway

When you drive down a street and see orange cones and road work crews, it’s easy to get frustrated by the slow traffic. But did you ever wonder why it seems to take so long for road construction projects to be completed? Many factors contribute to the slow progress of roadwork, and in this blog post, we’ll explore some of the reasons why construction crews move at a snail’s pace.

1. Complexity of the Process

The roadway construction process is very complex. The first step is to remove the old roadway. Next, the new road must be put in place. After the road is paved, it must be lined, and new signs must be installed. Finally, any landscaping that was disturbed during construction needs to be replaced. Therefore, it is a very complex process that takes time and planning to execute correctly. As roadway contractors Martin County, Sunshine Services faces these challenges every day.

2. Traffic

When crews work on a busy roadway, they must contend with cars and trucks whizzing by at high speeds. This makes it difficult and dangerous for workers to do their jobs, so they must take extra precautions to stay safe. This often means working during off-peak hours or setting up traffic control measures that can cause delays. Sunshine Services is a Martin County paving company that constantly works with traffic impediments.

3. Bad Weather

Construction projects often suffer delays due to weather conditions. Excessive heat can cause asphalt to soften, making it difficult to lay down a smooth surface. Similarly, cold weather can make it challenging to pour concrete and set metal fixtures in place. Rain and snow can wash away loose gravel and soil, making it necessary to start the grading process again. Sunshine Services is a Martin County paving company that deals with various weather patterns, increasing completion time. Construction crews must often deal with these delays, which can add months or even years to the completion of a project.

4. Existing Infrastructure

Contractors have to take care not to damage underground cables, water pipes, and other infrastructure while digging, making road construction take longer. As a paving contractor in Martin County, Sunshine Services always takes care not to destroy underlying water pipes and internet cables. When contractors hit something, they have to call the appropriate utility company to come and make the repairs before they can continue with the construction. All of this takes time and is one of the reasons that road construction can be a slow process.

5. Materials Used

Another reason construction projects take a long time is because of the materials that are used. Asphalt and concrete are notoriously slow to cure, so crews have to wait for them to set before they can move on to the next step in the project. This can add days or even weeks to the timeline. Being roadway contractors in Martin County, Sunshine Services understands the frustrations drivers experience. However, we do our best to minimize any delays.


Though it may seem like road construction takes an eternity, there is a reason behind the process. By understanding the different stages of construction and why they take as long as they do, you can better appreciate the end result. Sunshine Services is a paving contractor in Martin County with a reputable track record of offering excellent services in paving commercial and residential properties, parking lots, and driveways. Contact Sunshine Services today for expert asphalt paving services!