Worker installing asphalt pavement

There comes a time when you need to look into asphalt repairs for your residential or commercial property. On the other hand, you may be looking to upgrade your pavement to asphalt material.

However, you may be wondering when you should schedule your asphalt installation or repairs. After all, you want to ensure your project can be finished by your desired deadline.

The following guide can give you an idea of the best time of year to have your asphalt pavement repaired or installed.

Best Time for Asphalt Installation

There are three times of year that are best for your asphalt installation. Those times are late spring to early fall, anytime in the summer or fall before it is too cold.

It is easier for your contractors and property to schedule your asphalt project within those three timelines.

The Right Weather Makes It Easier

You may be wondering why it is best to have your asphalt pavement in West Palm Beach installed during those times of the year. Those seasons are the best times because the temperature is usually 70 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

It is important for the asphalt mix to stay between 175 degrees Fahrenheit and 275 degrees Fahrenheit. The hot weather allows the mixture to compact and set properly, but the asphalt mixture does not harden too quickly at higher temperatures.

Your contractors need time to pour and smooth the asphalt mixture on your pavement before it hardens. The longer, warmer days give them the time they need to fully complete your project, and this results in a beautiful, durable asphalt surface.

Save Money During These Seasons

The financial aspect is another reason to schedule your asphalt repairs or installations during these seasons.

Scheduling your asphalt repair or installation during the wrong time of year can lead to constant maintenance to ensure your surface remains intact. Unfortunately, you may need to spend more money on additional repairs.

You can save money by scheduling your asphalt project during the warmer seasons. The asphalt mix compacts and sets properly, so you never have to worry about spending more money on additional maintenance or repairs.

Worst Time for Asphalt Installation

You have probably guessed that winter is the worst time for an asphalt repair or installation.

It is difficult to pour asphalt when the temperature is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit because the mixture hardens quickly in the cold. The colder temperatures can also lead to cracks, deterioration and slab curling of an asphalt surface.

Extreme weather such as rain, snow and wind makes it harder for your contractors to lay the asphalt mix. Additionally, the shorter days that occur during winter give your contractors less time to work on your project.

The solution for last-minute asphalt repairs during winter is a temporary cold mixture until it is warm enough to permanently repair the surface.

If you need to schedule a repair or installation of your asphalt pavement in West Palm Beach, contact Sunshine Services. The team is trained and experienced in repairing and installing asphalt surfaces.