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A catch basin is an inground box designed to trap standing water and send it off via the drainage system to safe disposal.

Water and waste (mud, garbage, and dead leaves) filter in through the grate at the top of the catch basin. When the water fills up the box to a certain level, it spills out through openings into the drainage pipes.

The solids stay in the box and collect at the bottom. These have to be cleaned out once the solid waste builds up to fill a third of the box.

Should you consider installing a catch basin?

The Dangers of Standing Water

For one thing, standing water doesn’t look good. It’s unsightly and kills plants, which can alter your landscaping and create sodden discolored patches on your lawn.
Even worse, if you don’t have a catch basin to properly drain off standing water, your property can suffer some serious damage:

  • Potholes and cracks in paved surfaces which then need repair
  • Mold and bacteria growth in building foundations if water leaks in
  • Breeding ground for disease-spreading insects such as mosquitoes

It’s also important to consider your impact on the environment. You can collect and properly dispose of garbage that washes into a catch basin. Without the catch basin, however, non-biodegradable waste will wash out into rivers and landfills.

Catch basin installation is critical to keeping your home or business safe, clean, and attractive. A functional catch basin is also environmentally-friendly.

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