A paving contractor is a professional company that constructs paved surfaces such as sidewalks, roads, driveways, and concrete floors. Large commercial paving companies work on projects such as business landscaping and airport runways.

A West Palm Beach paving company may be hired by businesses, homeowners, and city agencies to pave worn and weathered surfaces or to craft and design new ones. Many companies specialize in either commercial or residential work, as each type of paving requires a different size and scope of project design, equipment, and manpower.

Residential Paving Services

A Florida paving company that does residential jobs must meet with homeowners, providing estimates and showing plans that showcase a new driveway, patio, or concrete floor design. Attention will be given to installing poured surfaces, landscape paving, and laying out stone products like pavers and outdoor tiles to improve the look and function of a home landscape.

Commercial Paving Services

A commercial contractor will provide bids for large jobs. Paving contractors may report to a general contractor or construction manager, yet they are solely responsible for all aspects of paving and setting up flooring and walkways as directed by the client. Commercial contractors are also called upon to provide repair and replacement of city projects such as roads, sidewalks, cracks, potholes, and other damage to common roadways and walkways.

The Paving Process

Most paving work is performed with large machinery. Paving machines are used to smooth out a freshly laid surface, while an excavator is used to prepare and level off large sections of the earth for paving. A tamping machine helps to flatten dirt and gravel surfaces, while concrete trucks keep the mix prepped and ready to pour. Paving companies may also use dump trucks and tractors to haul asphalt, gravel, stones, and dirt away from the building site as work begins.

Hiring the Right Company for the Job

When installed properly, a well-paved surface can last more than 20 years. Achieving this type of result is possible with a quality paving contractor. Look for someone who has these qualifications as you consider the best one for your job:

  • Proven track record of experience and service
  • Clear communication
  • References and satisfied clients
  • A drainage plan in place to minimize damage to pavement
  • Reasonable quotes
  • Proper licensing, bonding, and insurance
  • Signed contracts to let you both know what to expect

With this assurance in place, you and your contractor can agree on the important factors related to performance and durability, and you’ll both be able to benefit from the job.

Sunshine Services: Asphalt Paving Contractors in West Palm Beach

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