Workers putting down asphalt pavement

A pavement made from asphalt offers numerous advantages, making it a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing option for many commercial and residential applications.

1. Affordability of Installation

Getting an asphalt pavement installed can be one of the most cost-effective investments for residential and commercial customers. Their installation affordability has long made them a popular choice, as they do not require expensive tools or complex setups. Asphalt is also easy to repair, maintain, and replace should any damage occur, ensuring that your pavement remains in excellent condition for years to come. Best of all, you do not have to spend a fortune on professional installation. Workers specializing in asphalt paving are typically more reasonably priced than those working with other materials.

2. Wide Range of Design Options

Asphalt pavement in West Palm Beach can be installed in various ways, depending on your location and desired aesthetic. This versatile material can achieve variations in color, thickness, and texture. Additionally, for those with unique ideas or a pre-existing design aesthetic, Sunshine Services typically offer custom paving services to create a custom look. This wide range of design options has made asphalt one of the most popular and widely used materials for paving streets and roads, driveways, and parking lots worldwide.

3. Strong Resistance to Cracking and Weathering

An advantage of getting this pavement is its strong resistance to cracking and weathering compared to other surfaces. Asphalt’s robust and durable nature makes it ideal for any climate, and it can withstand the elements better than different types of pavement materials. This strong resistance helps ensure that asphalt pavements in west palm beach maintain their clean look for extended periods without costly upkeep.

4. UV Ray Protection

Asphalt effectively blocks UV rays from entering the pavement, which makes it resistant to UV aging and weathering. With a UV-resistant surface, it’s much easier to maintain your driveway or outdoor space for years to come, and it helps reduce heat build-up so that you don’t have to use extra energy cooling off your home during hot summer days. Furthermore, UV-ray protection leads to less rusting and erosion of your pavement, allowing you to get more out of your investment while ensuring that the area looks great for a long time.

5. Slip-Resistant Surface

This slip-resistant quality makes asphalt paving perfect for sidewalks and driveways, making it much safer for foot traffic. This also provides superior traction in icy or wet conditions, so vehicles don’t slip as easily. This sheen of slip resistance also helps to protect it from becoming overly porous through severe weather like intense heat waves and flooding rains, which can reduce the lifespan of your pavement.

6. Provides Better Drainage During Rainstorms

This type of pavement directs water away from your home or business, so you don’t have to worry about flooding and moisture entering your structure and causing damage. Additionally, asphalt will provide more comfort and traction for vehicles driving in wet, murky conditions.

By utilizing better drainage techniques, the asphalt is built to handle large amounts of precipitation without wearing down or sustaining significant damage over time. Ultimately, having an asphalt paved surface dramatically enhances everyone’s safety, whether walking, biking, or driving, and strengthens the resilience and longevity of your pavement against inclement weather conditions.

With careful installation from a professional team and regular maintenance and sealing biannually, your asphalt drive will look great for years to come. If you have questions or concerns about our services, don’t hesitate to contact Sunshine Services.