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We all may have seen asphalt driveways, but do you know how the asphalt seal coating works?

Seal coating is basically a process of applying a liquid sealant on asphalt driveways, paved areas like parking lots, etc., to seal the surface against voids and cracks to protect and enhance the pavement’s longevity against natural corrosive elements. The primary purpose that asphalt seal coating fulfills is shield protection.

Basically, it protects against sunlight, water, wind, and other natural factors that will eventually wear out and crack the surface. As the UV rays from the sun break down the asphalt composition and snow and water can make it brittle – it is highly recommended that a fresh layer of asphalt seal coating is established every 3 to 5 years to keep the surface damage-free.

Understandably, if the asphalt seal coating is not refreshed in a span of years, it can be seriously damaging for the whole structure. Therefore, given the cost and environmental concerns, homeowners and business people often wonder how necessary an asphalt salt coating is.

How Asphalt Seal Coating Works

There are various types of asphalt seal coating materials available that we will break down shortly. However, all materials and methods offer a similar process of sealing off and cleaning the existing surface. To create an impenetrable barrier, you coat the entire surface area or structure length with the asphalt liquid sealant.

It so happens when the liquid smoothly dries off on the surface, keeping the seal intact. At the same time, the asphalt underneath is protected through this shield against all damaging effects of sunlight, water, and wind that can harden and degrade the asphalt while causing it to get brittle and crack.

Types of Asphalt Seal Coating Methods

No matter what type of asphalt salt coating sealant you select, it is vital that you verify the selection against the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure you are using a high-quality product. Hence, here are the three main types of asphalt seal coating methods and materials:

Asphalt Emulsion Sealers

The environment-friendly asphalt seal coating method has to be of asphalt emulsion sealers. That’s why they are becoming increasingly popular and have come to be known as the environment-friendly alternate for your driveway protection. Although, it is essential to note here that while this method of asphalt seal coating is on the pricey side, it is potentially less resistant in case of chemical or oil spills. It is highly prone to staining and requires a seasonal timeline for renewal as it needs the May to September weather for curative purposes.

Coal Tar Sealers

There hasn’t been any known research or studies that have proven the hazardous nature of coal tar sealers being used to pave roads, driveways, and parking lots. Yet still, the method has lost its charm against the new and advanced formulation for asphalt seal coating. However, it is essential to know that despite such claims and the health risks associated with them, many countries continue to utilize them for their high-quality and less costly benefits of resistance against petroleum and oil staining. Regardless, it is essential to note that many companies have stopped sales of coat tar sealers.

Acrylic Sealers

One of the most expensive asphalt seal coating methods has to be acrylic sealers. Due to the rising demand for this nearly perfect asphalt sealant, other qualities of acrylic sealers make them a good choice for sealing parking lots and driveways. For instance, acrylic sealers can be shaded in many different colors from black, red, green to blue, etc., and even laid out clear. They are also great to use in areas like outdoor tennis and basketball courts to lay smooth, playable surfaces.

Bottom Line

Overall, asphalt seal coating carries many benefits and can be cost-efficient to renew your asphalt surfaces and structures. However, it is essential to note that if gone unchecked for long, the cost born for the new application can be intense.

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