Asphalt pavement installation

Asphalt pavement installation is critical for any owner or manager to keep a property looking good, secure, and functioning. This post will overview the six stages of asphalt pavement in West Palm Beach installation. These procedures are crucial whether you are laying new asphalt or updating an old one.

There are specifically six stages in the installation of asphalt paving as follows:

1. Demolition

The first thing that needs to be done in driveway paving services is to remove the old asphalt. The current pavement and subbase elements, like soil or gravel, must be dismantled. Removing the old asphalt roadway is a necessary step before installing the new pavement. In most cases, the old materials are removed and disposed of correctly, freeing up the space for the subsequent installation stages.

2. Leveling 

Then, the terrain must be reshaped to have the ideal slope and grade for efficient water drainage. This procedure guarantees that water is diverted from the pavement, reducing the likelihood of cracks and other forms of wear and tear. For the new pavement to last as long as possible, it needs to be laid flat, and this is where grading and sloping from experts like Sunshine Services Unlimited, Inc. come in.

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3. Preparation of Sub-base

In the third stage of driveway paving services, known as sub-base preparation, a solid base is laid for the new pavement to sit on. Composing aggregate material to provide a stable foundation is a common method. The pavement’s sub-base layer helps to disperse loads, keeping the surface from breaking and wearing out prematurely.

4. Undercutting and Proofrolling

The proof rolling and undercutting procedure represents Stage Four. Inadequate sub-base layers can be detected using proof rolling to identify potential weak points. Any vulnerable parts are undercut and patched if found. For undercutting, the weak or unsteady material is dug out and replaced with new aggregate before compacting.

5. Placement of the Binder and the Surface Course

Now comes the time to lay down the binder and finish the coat. The asphalt binder is the next layer applied after the sub-base and will support the top layer. The surface course is the topmost asphalt layer responsible for the road’s smoothness and durability. It is impossible to overstate the importance of the binders and the surface course to the pavement’s functionality and durability.

6. Installation of Asphalt

The asphalt paving surface must be laid as the final phase. This requires checking that the surface course is flawless and perfectly smooth. The covering is compacted after it has been applied to increase its strength and density. After the surface has been put, it must be cooled down and set before being utilized.

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