Asphalt Repairs West Palm Beach

There is one thing that is certain, when it comes to your asphalt driveway or parking lot. Over time, the elements of nature and the spillage of oils and gas from vehicles will cause harmful deterioration. This can also be a cause for many unwanted and costly repairs. Sealcoating will make a significant difference when it comes to keeping your asphalt in excellent shape.

Sealcoating Experts

Due to these inevitable circumstances, the best course of action is hiring a group of sealcoating experts to come evaluate your asphalt parking areas and determine the best approach. Because this type of wear and tear is unavoidable, sealcoating will help reduce the harm your asphalt takes, and extend its life for many years. At Sunshine Services Unlimited, Inc., we can’t stress enough the importance of making the decision to sealcoat your asphalt parking area.


Keeping your parking area well maintained is extremely important in order to avoid any future issues. Cracks and potholes can cause damage to vehicles and also your reputation, as either a homeowner or business owner. There are many repair services we offer to help you steer clear of the issues that can arise from not keeping your asphalt well maintained.

Hire a Company You Can Trust

Sunshine Services Unlimited, Inc. is your premier paving company located in beautiful West Palm Beach, FL. Established in 1962, we have decades of experience and proudly service Broward, Palm Beach, Martin and St Lucie counties.

When you are making the decision to hire a company for your sealcoating, give us a call and at Sunshine Service Unlimited, Inc. to explore our service options. We have many satisfied customers that can attest to the quality of service we provide. Call us today for your free estimate. Our trained professionals will visit you and determine what is needed to keep your asphalt in top condition.