Asphalt driveway and security fence

Asphalt is an excellent material for a residence or commercial building driveway. Compared to other materials, asphalt pavements provide several advantages that make them a popular option for driveway paving in Palm Beach, FL.

Pros of Asphalt Pavement

There a many pros of installing an asphalt driving.

1. Durability

Driveways paved with asphalt are so long lasting that they often go decades between maintenance checks. Having your driveway serviced every few years can increase its longevity, especially if it is subjected to high dampness or very harsh climatic conditions.

2. Low-maintenance

There are a couple of things you should do to maintain your asphalt driveway to ensure its sealed and usable year-round. Removal of tire tracks, oil stains, anthills, overgrown plants, and other litter is high on the list. Thus, get driveway replacement in Palm Beach, FL, to start enjoying the benefits of asphalt pavement.

3. Cost-effectiveness

Because of its low price, asphalt is a common choice for driveways among homeowners.

4. Stylish

Driveways can be asphalted in various colors and styles to complement the rest of the outside of a house. These include stone or brick pavers. Your manufacturer may also provide various surfacing materials that can be used to create tiny ornamental elements during your driveway repair in West Palm Beach, such as colored stripes or borders.

5. Smooth Surface

The surface finish that the blacktop produces is another reason it is so popular. Driving on it is risk-free and pleasant and doesn’t add much to the ambient noise level.

Drawbacks of an Asphalt Pavement

There are some drawbacks of installing an asphalt driveway. These include:

1. Limited colors and styles

Asphalt driveways are less customizable than concrete ones since asphalt only comes in one color (black). It also loses its luster when subjected to sunshine and might eventually make the object look unappealing. You can lessen the impact of the sun’s rays on your asphalt by adding colorful paint stripes or borders.

2. Unappealing visuals

Asphalt driveway paving in Palm Beach, FL, provides a thinner coating material, making distortions and cracks more evident than other materials. If you can’t help but stare at these flaws day in and day out, you might want to consider replacing your asphalt pavement with a concrete one with pavers in a particular pattern.

3. Regular maintenance requirement

Another negative is that you’ll need to seal your asphalt pavement every year or two (more often if you live in an area with frequent winds and rains). Sunshine Services can help with driveway repair in West Palm Beach.

An ignored driveway may exhibit signs of cracking in the first few months following installation. It will only worsen with time, to the point where people will find it unattractive or dangerous.

Among the most crucial things, you could do when replacing your driveway material is to consider each option’s advantages and disadvantages.

Do you think an asphalt pavement would be suitable for your home? You, and only you, may decide whether to use this surface layer by comparing its many benefits against its potential drawbacks. If you have used other materials, request driveway replacement in Palm Beach, FL, from Sunshine Services.

If you are convinced that asphalt pavements are your ideal option, contact Sunshine Services today for construction, repair, and seal coating.