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If you’re concerned with the fact that vehicles travel too quickly through your Palm Beach neighborhood, installing a speed bump is a great way to get drivers to slow down and keep everyone safe. The following are the steps you should take to get a speed bump installed in your neighborhood.

1. Form an Alliance

Speak with your neighbors and try to get them to see the risk factor in having speeding vehicles around, and how installing a speed bump could help. 

2. Designate A Group Leader

Get all of the agreed neighbors together and designate a group leader, whether it’s you or another individual who will be willing to speak with local officials.

3. Sign A Petition

Everyone in the neighborhood who agrees with a speed bump being installed should sign a petition so that public officials can see exactly how many people desire this change. Have them include their addresses to show that everyone is in the same neighborhood. 

4. Determining Who Will Pay

The group should determine who will be paying for the speed bump. Are you expecting the city to do so, or are all of the neighbors willing to pitch in to get it done? 

5. Contact the Appropriate Department

Go on your city’s website to determine who should be contacted regarding the installation of a speed bump and speak with them. Fill out any necessary forms and agree to do anything else that the department requires of you. 

6. Contact Sunshine Services for Speed Bump Installation

Once you’re ready to roll and get your speed bump installed, contact Sunshine Services, the best asphalt paving professionals in Palm Beach and South Florida. We’re here to help you see this through and look forward to being a part of making your neighborhood safer.