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Seal coating is an essential part of laying down an asphalt pavement. It is the last step in the process and is imperative for protecting and maintaining the asphalt. Your pavement can last ideally for at least a couple of years with a good quality asphalt seal coating. West Palm Beach has some of the best asphalt seal coating services that can help you maintain your pavement.  

How Often Should We Seal Coat Asphalt? 

Technical speaking, a good quality asphalt seal coat will easily last you at least 3-4 years. It will require care and maintenance, which will extend its life even further.  

However, we need to realize that a new asphalt seal coat depends on various factors.  

For example, the amount of traffic you get determines how long the coat will last. In high-traffic areas, the seal coat will wear pretty quickly and need repair and maintenance more often than in an area with low traffic. Experts recommend triple coating asphalt in areas that get high volumes of traffic. 

Other than that, the quality of the seal coat matters immensely. Use a good-quality polymer additive for seal coating. The ratio typically required for a seal coat is 2:4, with two parts sand and four parts of the concentrated sealer.  

The number of coats you apply to the asphalt also plays a vital role in how long the coating lasts. The more coats you apply, the longer it will last. However, too much sealer can cause flaking and cracking of the pavement. Ideally, you should apply two coats only in an area that gets moderate traffic.  

Climate conditions also matter immensely when we consider seal coat applications. You might need more coats of sealer and new applications in areas that face harsh climates such as snowstorms or extreme heat. These factors can hamper the longevity of the seal coating, and you will likely need a new coat more often.  

When Should We Seal New Asphalt? 

If you have laid down new asphalt on the road or a driveway, you need to wait at least six months to a year before applying seal coating to it. When new asphalt is laid down, it does not accept seal coating, and the asphalt underneath can quickly get damaged.  

What Are The Benefits Of Seal Coating? 

Seal coating is an essential procedure after laying down asphalt, and it has a myriad of benefits to it as well: 

  • The seal coat prevents water from penetrating the asphalt. Water penetration can quickly damage the asphalt, and a seal coat will keep the asphalt waterproof. 
  • A seal coat also prevents oxidation of the asphalt. Oxidation can cause the asphalt to deteriorate gradually, which can cause wear and damage early. Regular sealant application prevents slow oxidation, which keeps the asphalt from damage.  
  • A sealant also helps to prevent skid marks on the pavement. It adds traction to the pavement, allowing vehicles to maneuver on it easily. 
  • If there is ever an oil or gasoline leak on uncoated asphalt, it binds with the asphalt and weakens the base. This can cause potholes and cracks in the asphalt and cause gradual deterioration. A seal coat also protects the asphalt from oil and petroleum damage.  
  • Sealed asphalt pavement is also easier to clean than uncoated asphalt. The smooth surface allows a broom or mop to glide over it.  
  • One of the most significant benefits of a seal coat is that it helps extend the life of your pavement. You do not have to worry about laying new asphalt every few years, and you need to keep up minor maintenance processes only to keep the asphalt intact.  

How Can We Maintain The Seal Coating? 

A seal coating does not make the asphalt invincible. Try to maintain the seal-coated asphalt to make it last a long time.  

  • Clean the pavement often. Dirty pavements, especially those with stains from oil and gasoline, deteriorate faster than pavements that are cleaned regularly. 
  • Fill in any cracks in the pavement as soon as you see them. If cracks build up over time, they can quickly deteriorate the asphalt.  
  • Use a plastic shovel instead of a metal one to prevent the layer of sealant scraping.  


One of the most critical maintenance processes for asphalt pavement is an asphalt seal coating. Broward County offers expert services for seal coat applications. Contact them for more information.