Asphalt Sealcoating West Palm Beach

All asphalt paving deteriorates over time and requires regular maintenance. However, poorly laid asphalt is more likely to deteriorate and deteriorate early. Poorly laid or deteriorating asphalt can have various reasons for its condition, such as initial paving issues, heavy traffic, low-quality materials, drainage issues, and effects of extreme weather.

These different reasons can cause different issues in paving. Understanding the cause behind paving issues can make it easier to prevent and repair them effectively. Let’s take a detailed look at the paving issues and their solutions:

Cracked Edges

Cracked edges are the most common paving issue and can result from several underlying problems. However, cracked edges are most common on narrow roads or roads with heavy traffic. Heavy traffic can intensify this issue even on roads with fewer underlying problems. Underlying issues for cracked edges on pavement commonly include sewage system issues and asphalt shrinkage. 

How to Fix It

The best solution for cracked edges is to hire an asphalt paving contractor in Broward County and have the edges completely replaced. However, you can also utilize the sealing or filling method to temporarily fix the issue. Removing the excess vegetation at the edges will also help prevent it in the future. 


As the name suggests, depressions in paving are weak spots that slightly collapse to form depressions. Depressions in paving result in uneven surfaces. These are often called bird baths for collecting rainwater on roads that birds can be seen drinking. Failure to fix depressions in paving can lead to further damage, especially in rainy areas like Port St Lucie. The collected water can further weaken the underneath layer of paving and damage the surrounding surface. Since depressions in paving are usually a result of poor quality material or poor foundation, they can worsen quickly. 

How to Fix It

Laying a surface patch can fix minor depressions. However, major depressions require fixing the layer underneath the paving and patching the entire area again. 

Pot Holes

Unresolved depressions can create potholes. Potholes in paving also indicate extreme neglect, low maintenance, and low-quality material underneath the paving. 

How to Fix It

Fixing potholes requires hiring an asphalt paving contractor in Port St Lucie to remove the entire road and pave it again.

Transverse Crack

Transverse cracks get their name from their perpendicular formation and appearance to the paving center. Transverse cracks often appear as a series of single cracks with considerable distance between them. They are also known as thermal cracks due to weather changes over time. However, initial paving issues and poor quality material used in asphalt paving can make them appear sooner. 

How to Fix It

Transverse cracks can be fixed as soon as they appear through sealing. If these cracks are neglected, they can cause further damage to the layer beneath the asphalt and worsen the pavement condition. At that point, the paving needs to be completely replaced. 

Block Cracking 

Block cracks appear in the form of blocks or rectangles on pavement surfaces. They are caused by poor quality materials used for paving. Poor asphalt binder, old and aging asphalt and dry mixtures of asphalt can also be common reasons for block cracks.

How to Fix It

Since block cracks are formed either due to low-quality materials or poor paving jobs, it is best to replace the paving as soon as they appear. However, less severe block cracks can be temporarily fixed through sealing. 

Alligator Cracks

Alligator cracks are a common paving issue caused by heavy traffic. Poor maintenance of roads with heavy traffic can quicken the appearance of alligator cracks. However, other issues such as thin paving base, low-quality materials, and sewage issues can also worsen the issue. 

How to Fix It

The appearance of alligator cracks needs urgent attention from a contractor who can remove the existing pavement, lay a strong foundation, and pave the road all over again. 


Raveling in pavement occurs as the material slowly disintegrates at different spots. The spot where asphalt disintegrates creates small depressions that can collect water and quicken the disintegrations of material in the surrounding. Raveling can be extremely dangerous as it can be slippery and cause accidents.

How to Fix It

Minor raveling can be fixed immediately through sealing. Major raveling requires the removal of disintegrated spots and paving them again.

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