Home with asphalt driveway

Sunshine Services, an industry leader in parking lot sealing and other asphalt paving solutions, is the company to call for dependable driveway repair in West Palm Beach. Asphalt pavements that are well-maintained last longer and perform better thanks to damage prevention, reducing the need for costly repairs. Below are a few asphalt paving tips to increase its life.

Pothole Filling

Potholes in asphalt roads are unsightly and may even be dangerous. Therefore, fixing them as soon as possible is essential to prevent further deterioration.

If the issue is allowed to worsen, the expense will also rise. Repairing potholes using the proper binding combinations requires cleaning the area thoroughly and pouring the material into the hole.

Seal Coating

The sealing coating is among the most tried-and-true methods for repairing and protecting asphalt pavement from the wear and tear that comes from frequent use. It does more than block the sun’s rays by providing an additional barrier.

Water and fissures are also kept at bay by this method. If an asphalt road has been damaged, our expert asphalt repairs in West Palm Beach will help apply a seal coat quickly to stop further deterioration and refresh the pavement’s appearance.

Filling Cracks

Asphalt pavement surfaces, according to experts, should be seal coated at regular intervals of a few years. While fixing is critical, checking up on pavements yearly to see deterioration and cracks is even more crucial. Make sure to fix a little crack that could lead to much worse problems down the road. Additionally, crack filling is simple and cheap.

Snow and Puddle Accumulation

Even while asphalt and pavement surfaces are designed to become wet, you shouldn’t let water sit on them for too long, or the asphalt may deteriorate.

Avoid causing the asphalt to deteriorate due to prolonged contact with water by removing puddles immediately after they appear. In a similar vein, when snow accumulates on asphalt pavements, this could harm the surface and make it difficult for drivers and pedestrians to get around.

As a paving contractor in Palm Beach, we shall be sure to shovel snow off sidewalks and keep them clean, but avoid using deicers if possible; the salt in the water might exacerbate existing problems.

Drainage Repairs

When cracks in the asphalt are deep enough to be corrected by seal coating or filling, it’s time to call in the pros. If you don’t fix problems like potholes, raveling and rutting will eventually destroy your driveway.

These problems are less likely to arise if the asphalt is placed correctly. But if you find yourself in this situation, now is the time to take action and have the issue rectified by experts who have access to cutting-edge technology.

Sunshine Services can assist with these and other asphalt pavement care tips as a paving contractor in Palm Beach. Their asphalt paving expertise ranges from new installations to maintenance, repairs, and seal coating. The company’s driveway repair in West Palm Beach is reliable and available to homeowners and businesses. Contact Sunshine Services today to schedule an appointment and get more information about their expert asphalt repairs in West Palm Beach.