Residential home with garage and driveway

The state and appearance of your driveway and pavements create a first impression and influence your home’s value. For this reason, homeowners should use the right construction materials. When selecting the materials, consider the appearance, cost, installation requirements, durability, and maintenance costs. Here are the eight materials you can use for driveway paving in Palm Beach, FL.

1. Concrete

Concrete is a common paving material in most parts of the country. Many homeowners prefer it because it is durable, versatile, and low-maintenance. A concrete driveway or pavement can last for 25 to 50 years.

Additionally, you can use this material to achieve a simple look and elaborate it with color and decorative flourishes. However, installing concrete pavements is labor-intensive, and you should consider hiring professionals to do the work.

2. Flamed Granite

If you want your home to have a five-star look and are willing to invest in driveway paving in Palm Beach, FL, flamed granite is the driveway material to go for. The installation exposes stone crystals and creates a rough texture that suits vehicle movement.

Granite has a longer lifespan than concrete and is easy to maintain. However, it is crucial to conduct routine maintenance, including damp mop or deep cleaning.

3. Natural Sandstone

This outdoor material will help you achieve a natural look in your driveway. Its hard-wearing qualities make it resistant to harsh weather conditions and enable it to bear heavy weight.

Another exciting thing about natural sandstone is that it ages well and looks even better with time. During installation, the contractors seal the stone surface properly since this material is porous and can stain easily due to grease and chemicals.

4. Pavers

Paver blocks are quite expensive. However, they are available in different designs, colors, and sizes. For this reason, they are perfect for a situation where style and visual appearance are a priority. After installation, conduct regular maintenance to increase pavers’ lifespan.

5. Terrazzo

Terrazzo is another material that you can use for driveway replacement in Palm Beach, FL. It is a mixture of stone clips, coloring agents, and cement binder. This material creates a smooth, durable, and sturdy pavement or driveway.

6. Asphalt

Sunshine Services Unlimited, Inc. offers multiple asphalt solutions to ensure that your driveway repair in West Palm Beach is durable. This material can serve you for about 15 years. It is also budget-friendly and quick to install. However, the driveway can get very hot during summer.

7. Porcelain Paving

This is one of the most expensive driveway and paving materials. However, it will deliver the best results if you use it for driveway repair in West Palm Beach. This is because it is attractive and can help you achieve a modern look. Porcelain’s low water absorption level makes it a low-maintenance material and less slippery during the rainy season.

8. Bricks

Brick driveways are an elegant choice because of their rich colors and beautiful patterns. They are also durable. The pathways will serve you for many years if installed and maintained properly.

Hopefully, this information about driveway and pavement materials will help you make the right decision for your home. If you are planning to construct, repair, or replace your asphalt driveway, please contact us. Our paving contractors will be ready to assist you.