Asphalt Repairs West Palm Beach

Your brand-new asphalt surface looks fresh and sharp. If you don’t take action now to protect it, however, it will rapidly fall out of repair. Here are seven things that can make your asphalt deteriorate if you don’t look after it.

1. Vehicle Fluids

Gasoline can dissolve asphalt if it’s not cleaned up and engine oil will also eat right through the surface. Check your vehicles for signs of leaking fluids.

2. Metal Tools

Anything from metal shovels and rakes to studded tires will do a number on your asphalt driveway. Minimize the use of such metal materials coming in contact with the asphalt.

3. Tree Roots

Trees located near your driveway can damage an asphalt surface from underneath with roots that expand outwards and upwards.

4. Heavy Loads

Asphalt loses its flexibility with time and excessive use. Weak asphalt will quickly crack under the heavy weight of trailers, boats, RVs, and the like.

5. Water

Water that seeps into crack in the asphalt can cause structural damage. Standing water from poor drainage is also harmful.

6. Sun

UV rays cause the asphalt “glue” to break down and creates loose gravel and cracks.

7. Air

Exposure to air over time causes oxidation, a process where asphalt loses its dark color and weakens.

At this point, you may wonder if there’s any way to keep your asphalt driveway from falling apart! It’s clear that no asphalt surface will last forever. The good news is that there are reliable asphalt services in the West Palm Beach area that can help you get the most out of your asphalt. Call Sunshine Services today to learn about the services we offer.