Empty parking lot

Parking lot striping maximizes the parking space, boosts traffic flow, and ensures safety. Vehicular accidents are less likely to occur when drivers and pedestrians can clearly identify pathways, entrances, and exits.

The exercise also helps your organization to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Now that you know the significance of parking lot striping, here are five steps to prepare for it.

1. Inspect the Parking Lot

The first step in the line stripping project is inspecting the parking lot to check whether it has any damages. This is because it is difficult to paint an area with cracks and potholes. Additionally, rain or sprinkled water can seep into the pavement through the cracks.

If this happens during winter, the water can freeze, expand, and destroy the asphalt. The best preventative measure is to hire experts from the best paving company in Broward County to seal the potholes in the parking lot before they start stripping.

2. Alert Other People About Your Plans

If you are planning to conduct this project during business hours, consider informing your customers, visitors, and suppliers ahead of time. Remind them to remove their vehicles from the space before the job commences. You should also put up helpful signs on the site to guide pedestrians and prevent them from accidentally stepping on the wet paint.

3. Organize an Alternative Parking Space

Emptying the parking space will give the parking lot contractors in Broward County adequate time to replace the lines and allow the paint to dry. You can also organize a different parking area for them until the project ends. Additionally, inform them to avoid walking on the wet paint for at least an hour after the contractors apply it.

4. Sweep the Parking Lot

Your parking lot may have accumulated vegetation, dust, sand, or trash over the year. Sweeping this dirt and debris contributes significantly to the quality and effective stripping. The lines will fade or wear off quickly if you lay them on a dirty pavement.

This will automatically increase the stripping cost because the stripes will need replacement sooner than expected. You can avoid these issues by sweeping the pavements. The asphalt paving contractors from a reputable paving company in Broward County will also scrub and power wash the space to remove mold, oil, and persistent stains.

5. Shut Down the Sprinkler System

If you have a sprinkler system in your parking lot, you should consider turning it off before the line stripping job commences. This is because the space should be dry. Turning the sprinkler off at least 12 hours prior allows any deposited water to evaporate before the parking lot contractors in Broward County start to paint. However, this time depends on the shade in the area and the amount of water the system supplies.

The markings on the parking lot pavement fade away over time due to factors like weather and normal tear and wear. Setting this space ready for line stripping saves money and time and allows the parking lot contractors to complete the job smoothly. Contact the professionals at Sunshine Services for top-notch parking lot stripping services.