Workers constructing a road

Proper transportation is critical to the survival of our society. But what goes into making a properly constructed road? Roads that are in bad condition or too small for motor traffic will quickly force businesses and families to relocate. Below is an overview of 5 different kinds of road constructions and surfaces.

Paved Roads

Paved roads are the most common type of road construction, and they’re easily the most durable. Concrete is a solid material, and asphalt is even stronger. When you get paved roads constructed by Broward County roadway contractors, they can last for decades before they need to be replaced. They’re also easy to maintain and repair because the materials used to make them are inexpensive and widely available.

A paving company in Broward County will create paved roads that are smooth and relatively flat, which makes them safe for drivers who suffer from motion sickness or vertigo. The only real disadvantage of paved roads is that they require more money than other types of construction because they require a lot of materials and labor to complete.

Concrete Roads

Concrete roads are common in the United States. They can be made from Portland cement or fly ash, a byproduct of coal-burning power plants. Concrete is a mixture of sand, gravel, and water that hardens when it dries. The concrete is then surrounded by a layer of asphalt or other material that protects it from water damage and helps it resist cracks.

When experienced contractors build your road, the concrete road will begin as a flat expanse of asphalt or concrete. The surface is then smoothed out by roadway contractors in Broward County with a roller to ensure there are no bumps or dips in the surface that could catch vehicle tires during driving. Next, your roadway contractors in Broward County will drill small holes into the surface so water can drain through them rather than pool on top of the pavement.

These holes also help prevent erosion from wind and rainwater runoff. After this process has been completed, new layers of concrete are poured into place over the top of the existing layer to create a smooth finish for vehicles to drive on safely.

Tarmacadam – Asphalt

Tarmacadam – Asphalt is a hard-wearing surface that can be used on roads, parking lots, and other areas where heavy traffic occurs. The name Tarmacadam comes from the combination of tar, produced by distilling coal and wood, and macadam, a type of road surfacing.

Tarmacadam – Asphalt is typically made up of three layers:

  • A base layer is usually made up of crushed rock and sand. This layer provides support for the next layer.
  • A middle layer can be made of compacted stone or gravel. This layer provides additional strength and durability for the road.
  • An upper layer, typically asphalt concrete or bitumen and sand mix have been rolled flat to form a smooth surface.

Gravel Roads

When you get a paving company in Broward County to make a gravel road, they will use gravel or crushed stone as the surface material. This type of road is often found in rural areas where paved roads are not available, but it can also be used in some urban areas when a paved road needs to be repaired or replaced.

Gravel roads are typically constructed by grading and compacting the gravel base material into the desired shape. This can be done with bulldozers, graders, or front-end loaders, depending on the size of the project and the method used to construct it. Typically, an asphalt layer is placed over the gravel surface to provide a smooth driving surface for vehicles.

The durability of gravel roads depends mainly on how well they have been constructed and maintained over time. The base material used for construction is also important, as different types of rocks have different levels of durability when used in road construction projects.


Cobblestones are a type of construction material commonly used in place of asphalt in areas that experience cold weather. Cobblestones are made from stones cut with a diamond saw and then laid in place to create a smooth surface. These roads are often found in Europe and other cold climates where the stones prevent snow accumulation during winter.

Now that you know the different road construction types, you’ll know what to choose in each scenario. If you’re in charge of a new construction project, figure out which type would be the most beneficial for all parties involved. If you or a friend or relative need road construction services, contact Sunshine Services. They’ll get your property looking like new again.