Workers repairing asphalt

Over time, asphalt suffers wear and tear due to pollution, bad weather, and high traffic. Eventually, asphalt pavement repairs will be needed. The type of repair that is needed depends on what problems are present. There are four common types of asphalt repairs and knowing which repair method is needed will enable you to best remediate any present issues.

1. Resurfacing

Asphalt resurfacing is the most cost-effective method for repairing large areas of damaged asphalt because time and labor are not spent removing all the old asphalt. When your asphalt is resurfaced, new asphalt is poured over the old asphalt to repair any cracks, gaps, and other defects. Once the asphalt has been resurfaced, it will look good as new.

2. Patching

Asphalt patching is another cost-effective option for asphalt repairs. With asphalt patching, asphalt patches are applied to small portions of damaged asphalt. Asphalt patching is suitable for areas that are one to two inches in diameter. This method of repair is useful in areas that receive a significant amount of traffic such as parking lots and sidewalks. If problem areas are larger than one to two inches, this asphalt repair method will not suffice.

3. Cold Milling

Cold milling machines are used to quickly and efficiently remove old asphalt to prepare an area to receive new pavement. These machines are commonly used on construction projects to create foundations for laying down new asphalt. Cold milling is an excellent asphalt repair method if you need to have a large area of asphalt repaired in a short period of time because these machines remove the need for breaking up the asphalt with a jackhammer and going through the excavation process. This method of asphalt repair is more costly compared to patching and resurfacing because more work is required to perform the job.

4. Removal and Replacement

The fourth method of asphalt repair is removal and replacement. Asphalt removal is done by breaking up the asphalt with a jackhammer and then excavating it. Once all the asphalt is removed and excavated, a fresh layer of asphalt is applied to the surface. The asphalt pavement looks good as new. Removal and replacement are needed when resurfacing and patching will not correct damages. This pavement repair method is by far the most expensive because it is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Removal and repair are also chosen as a last resort due to the significant disruption it causes.

No matter which asphalt pavement repair method is needed, the result will be the same. Your asphalt will have a polished appearance as there will be no defects present. If you notice any cracks, gaps, or other defects in your asphalt, contact Sunshine Services, a company known for its impeccable reputation concerning West Palm Beach asphalt repairs.