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You have several choices when it comes to finishing the deck around your inground Florida pool. These include both concrete and natural wood. How do you choose between these materials which are both strong and beautiful?

Sunshine Services, top paving company in West Palm Beach, explains the benefits of choosing concrete over wood for your pool decking.

1. Concrete Pool Decking Lasts Longer Than Wood

A wooden surface looks clean and natural and is recyclable, but it’s not ideal for inground pool decking. Wood can cost about the same as concrete, but it won’t last long, so you may end up spending more money on maintenance and replacement of a wooden pool deck. Concrete will last you for years, especially in a warm climate like Florida.

2. A Concrete Pool Patio Gives You More Customization Options

Concrete might sound boring, but there are so many ways you can make your concrete pool decking look fabulous. You can have the surface stamped to look like stone or tile or create any other design that accents the architecture of your home and pool. Concrete is also easy to color.

3. Concrete Is the Most Affordable Material for Pool Decking

Compared with other materials, concrete may be the most cost-effective way for you to create a beautiful deck around your inground pool. Many swimming pool owners in the West Palm Beach, FL area want their pools to look great without breaking the bank. By choosing concrete, you can also give your pool an attractive and affordable finish.

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